Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most commonly asked questions, already answered for you.

What types of trades do you make?

We typically sell weekly index option credit spreads.

What is a credit spread?

A credit spread is a type of options trade that simultaneously purchases and sells two different strikes of the same security. The strike being sold is valued higher than the one we purchase, thus resulting in a net credit for the trade.

Why do you have to buy and sell two strikes?

The strike being sold (short) opens risk to an unlimited amount. The purchase of the second strike (long) caps the limit of loss to only what you invest in the trade.

How do your trades become profitable?

As long as the underlying security does not go above our short strike for calls, or below our short strike for puts, by expiration, they will expire worthless, resulting in the profit of the entire credit we collected when the position was first opened.

What time of day do you open your trades? Can I submit your trades after the market closes?

Profitable trading relies heavily on timing. Submitting trades after the market closes, for the next day, may not be the best action as you may miss out on the perfect opportunity.

I work during market hours. How can I submit your orders in my account?

We understand this dilemma and that is the main reason why we decided to include an autotrading feature with our service. This enables one's account to automatically execute trades that we submit. For more information, visit our Autotrade Page.

How often do you open a trade?

We typically open a trade and hold it for a period of just over one week. This works out to about 1 trade every 2 weeks.

What does your name, Boring Fridays, mean?

The strikes that we sell in our positions, are typically very far away from the current underlying security price. If all goes well, the position will expire worthless on a very uneventful expiration Friday. For us, Boring Fridays are a good thing!

How much is your subscription?

Our subscription is just $79.00 per month!   Subscribe Now